OPINIONATED – Why Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager is my favorite album.

I firmly believe that a mere six years ago, the best album in the world was released in my opinion.

In 2010 an album was released that was so ground-breaking it would forever change the way that I listen to music and also gave me a new purpose in life. At the time, I was only a casual music listener who just enjoyed whatever was playing on the radio in the car; that was until Scott Mescudi released his second studio album on November 9, 2010. The album is a mix of club music and emotion about a man who must overcome the biggest obstacle in life: himself.  It is without a doubt the darkest album that Cudi has ever released and it is a very welcomed follow-up to his 2009 debut album. With hooks and even features by some of the most influential artists of all time such as Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, and CeeLo Green one can clearly see how influential this album would be to an awkward 13-year-old social outcast.

The album is the best because it appeals to feelings; the songs that really make you contemplate your life as well as wonder what Cudi felt and went through at the time of recording makes the album almost tangible and life-like. The album covers many different subjects like drugs, love, addiction, emotions, and even mental health. All of these personal aspects come across as endearing and tragic as Cudi tells you about his mistakes, regrets, and future. Not only does this album take you on a journey, it also gives the listener thoughts to ponder about and if you in any way love this album as much as I do, you’ll still be thinking about those thoughts to this day. There is no other album that I have listened to that made me laugh, smile, and cry as much as this one has. For the last six years, this album has given me the same experience every time I listen to it. The change of emotions that a listener goes through is absolutely insane and is a definite recommendation for someone who has not listened to this work of art yet.

Every section of the album is broken down into five major parts. The first part which is called The World I am Ruling features a more uplifting and inspirational part of the album where Cudi is free to say what he wants and knows that his fans will always look up to him and support their “big brother”. Next, is A Stronger Trip which is the section of the album where drug use comes into play which results in some more relaxed songs which often praise the use of marijuana and shows that Cudi uses this drug to make life easier and less stressful than usual. Following this, is the section Party On where we see the songs take on the idea of just having fun and kicking back which results in “Erase Me” which is one of the best songs that Kanye West has ever been attached to. After the fun ends, the sadness begins with the fourth act: The Transformation the final two acts of this album are filled with sad themes where Cudi constantly reminds himself that no matter how hard life gets, it eventually will get better. The songs in this section are the most endearing and feature the constant reminder that addiction and substance abuse can easily destroy everything that one has built up. This yields to in my opinion the best song ever made: “Mr. Rager” which tells the tale of a man struggling with his alter ego of “Mr. Rager” who wants to destroy everything good that Cudi has in his life including his sanity. After this emotional trip, the album comes to a close with the final act named You Live & You Learn. This section is simply Scott Mescudi overcoming “Mr. Rager” and changing his life for the better so that he can be happy. This section has no features and even has Cudi singing all of his hooks which send chills down a listeners spine because of how real and honest he is about his life. The album ends on the high-note that Cudi has become a changed man and is ready to live a life without having to fear “Mr. Rager”.

The album itself has a very simple concept: face your demons. The story about conquering your demons is much darker and twisted than it seems, and it is not always straight-forward. Whenever you think Cudi is winning his fight, there is always a curve-ball thrown his way which makes his one step forward result in two steps back.

Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager, in my opinion, is the best album to ever exist and will surely stay that way until the end of time.



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