Everybody knew Desiigner last year, but do people still keep up with him? Is it possible to like any other song besides “Panda”? Is Desiigner even worth mentioning? Is he even going anywhere with his career?

The answers to all of these questions are yes. Desiigner is currently at the top of his game ever since “Panda” was released and every song since has only further solidified his purpose in the game. Desiigner is without a doubt my guilty pleasure but also acts as my role model.

While the rapper is actually a month younger than me, I still look up to him for his idea of self-expression. His quick words and fast rhymes remind me of myself when I talk which often results in a mumbled mess. His stories are gripping and his messages are haunting, which result in intoxicating and entrapping singles. With every song, you can feel the hype and triumph that surrounds his life as he discusses the low points in his life and the struggles he had to push through. In his fast and powerful lines, nothing ever hints that he had an easy life nor did he actively chose to live one. The rapper is simply a product of his success and desire to vocalize his statements to the world. Luckily enough, Kanye West was one of those men to listen.

I like many, were introduced to Desiigner because of Kanye West’s inclusion of him in The Life of Pablo. West proved that once more he still had his infamous ability to sense talent by sampling “Panda” on “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2” which led to overnight success for the then 19-year-old rapper. At first, however, there was the controversy of his sound and style. This, of course, was a comparison of him to Future, who do sound similar at first glance. While many thought he was a cheap knock-off, he decided to continue to surprise the industry by changing his style and flow for each song which allowed him to be distinguishable from other rappers. In doing so, every song feels refreshing and exclusive while retaining his ambitious sound.

While many considered him to be a one-hit wonder who would eventually be reduced to background noise, he decided to go against the grain. His consistent dropping of music and inclusions as a feature is more than enough for him to become a staple for the industry.  One cannot truly hate his music and everything he stands for. His desire to be heard mixed with his appreciation for fame make his career even more worthwhile. The pompous bars that Desiigner has to share are a catalyst for his success thus allowing him to be a role model for my generation and those younger. Hip-hop needs Desiigner and Desiigner needs hip-hop, his fame is permanent whilst necessary for further development of the rap game. These days, self-expressive is mandatory and Desiigner displays that every chance he gets.

While you may not think he’s as big as he was last year; at the end of the day he is still signed with Kanye West. Having the assistance of West means that anything is truly possible. Desiigner has the tools required to make it, but his success is dependent on if his fans value him as much as I do.


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