One of the greatest mindsets in the world is being happy. This includes being positive and having a bright outlook on life and what it has to offer. Being a positive musician in the rap genre has often been forgotten due to the setting of where these rappers are raised. But one man stands out from the others. A fairly new addition to the game has been pushing the genre to the limits of his outright positive nature; this man is Lil Yachty.

One of the members of XXL’s 2016 Freshman Class, Miles McCollum has made quite the name for himself for his renown style and sound. The red-haired 19-year-old has been the subject of many conversations since his debut in 2015. His sincerity and dedication to being happy are due in part to his success. His success even saw Kanye West buying into his character by featuring him as a model for his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show last year. His gratitude for his fame is easily understood when put into context. Unfortunately, his brand has been questioned by many critics including Joe Budden. During an interview on ‘Everyday Struggle’, Joe Budden argued that one cannot be so positive and challenged his ideology. However, the young rapper, as usual, was unabashed and reaffirmed his positive image. Recently, Lil Yachty’s vibrant image has perfectly represented on his debut album Teenage Emotions.emotional

This brand new album discloses his real thoughts on fame, love, and most importantly positivity. The 21 tracks provide vivid insight into his life and how he tackles his developing success. Every song on this album is filled with life and end up being very effective for what they are trying to accomplish. The refreshing mix of singing and rapping provide a nice dichotomy for the album to play off of, which feed into its eccentric sound. This statement of self-identification is mandatory for the younger crowd who seek to find themselves through music. The album is mandatory for Lil Yachty because it assists in the further expansion of his personality while also introducing the world to his music on a commercial level.

This album is a monumental success and a stepping stone for the new generation of rappers. This album is for the rappers who are met with an abundance of criticism for their talent, look, and sound. This album is for the ones who cannot effectively express themselves and often hide their true self. This album is for the hopeful and bright youth who are tasked with navigating such a cold and harsh world and seek a relatable role model. Simply put, this album is for everyone.

This album has it’s fair share of flaws and is nowhere near perfect; however, it does succeed in being a commercial and personal achievement. This piece is an important payoff for not only Lil Yachty but also for his fans. While this is only his first album, the future of the industry must have a positive icon. Admittedly, I believe that Lil Yachty fits that role perfectly.

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