Expectations surround everyone. The idea that one must live up to their own goals and the goals that others set for them can be quite daunting for anyone. While a musician can eventually live up to the expectations of friends and family, the real challenge is fulfilling the expectations of fans and critics. The taxing effort and thought that a musician must put into their work can be very draining and demanding in order to adequately meet these expectations. The unfortunate truth is that some if not many musicians fail to meet these expectations which result in poor sales and reception.

The first commercial album release is the most defining factor for musicians in this era, which requires demonstration of their talent to the fullest extent. The exhibition of talent determines the future of a musician while also revealing to fans and critics their true potential. More recently, not a lot of musicians have been capable of releasing an outstanding debut album. This practice leads to many musicians being forgotten and find their fanbase becoming attracted to newer and more relevant musicians. However, one artist has come out on top this year and has recently released one the best albums 2017 has to offer while also crafting one of the best debut albums to be released in quite some time.

SYRE is the long-awaited debut album from Jaden Smith. After years of mixtapes, singles, and features Jaden Smith has finally released his debut album which has been in the making for three years. The album itself is an auditory epic. The story of a confused and maturing young adult makes for a distinguishing debut. Each song on this album creates a unique narrative for Jaden to express not only himself but also his connections to his friends, family, and mentors who have given him the support and tools to succeed with his career as a rapper. One of the notable influences on this album is the mentorship of Kid Cudi. Kid Cudi has been known to lend his talent and advice to Jaden and Willow Smith, which has resulted in projects coming from both Smith’s that clearly demonstrate their interpretation of the wisdom their mentor has bestowed upon them.

Channeling the influence of Cudi is only one of the many strengths of this album. The album greatly benefits from the talent that is featured including A$AP Rocky, Raury, Willow, and fellow MSFTS member ¿Téo?. Each guest on this album adds a unique quality that gives more meaning and power to the song they are present on. The invocation of pure emotion and talent from Jaden Smith is the true pure strength on the album. The journey that Jaden takes on SYRE explores several different aspects of his life and the lives of his loved ones. With self-discovery being at the helm of this album, the storytelling aspect is sincere and thoughtful throughout thus resulting in the most quintessential tale of SYRE.

SYRE ultimately raises the bar for debut albums moving forward. With SYRE potentially becoming one the greatest albums of 2017, the expectations for Jaden Smith’s next album will undeniably be greater. Expectations are created to give goals to the individual and therefore a challenge to achieve greatness, SYRE is the answer to the concept of expectations. The album about “The Story Of A Boy Who Chased The Sunset Till It Chased Him” is a classic in every sense of the word.

3 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. I agree with you that his album is one of the better hip-hop albums of 2017. The sound, the lyrics all flowed together to create a unique sound. It surpassed my expectations for the album.

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