One of the most essential factors about being an entertainer is the practice of simply entertaining. Producing an art such as music works seamlessly when paired with a likable face and icon. This process has led to many of the famous icons in pop culture that we love along with the mainstream culture. An important selection when creating a persona is the angle of approach one takes when crafting their alter ego. One of simplest yet hardest questions one needs to ask themselves is, “Who Am I?”. This question is such a tough part when creating a persona that sometimes it’s often passed over and thus leads to an artist who’s clueless and lost in their own identity.

This new generation of rappers has been quite fluent and aware of their identity and what they represent. One of these artists stands out due their innate charm and grace, this is GoldLink.

Goldlink is a relatively new face when it comes to fame seeing that he’s only been active since 2014 with his first release of The God Complex which then lead to his next mixtape And After That, We Didn’t Talk. With singles from his sophomore project giving some credibility to his name, it wasn’t until 2017 that Goldlink’s talent came to its full fruition. At What Cost is a phenomenal release from the DMV rapper who’s identity was perfected after a few years of crafting.

“Crew” from At What Cost is an example of this identity. “Crew” is one of the smoothest rap songs of all time. Goldlink combined with Shy Glizzy with a chorus from Brent Faiyaz is the ultimate recipe for success, however, it’s the storytelling and charm that makes At What Cost important. While “Crew” is an undeniably marvelous song, it’s the album as a whole which displays the full extent of Goldlink’s artistry. The slick and smooth verses that come from Goldlink on songs like “Herside Story” and “Pray Everyday” is the true focal point for his talent to be displayed.

Charm is what comes out of Goldlink on At What Cost thus creating one of the best releases of 2017 because of this. The style of fluid rhymes along with sleek beats is where Goldlink prospers. Not once does Goldlink abandon this style on At What Cost, thus resulting in his contribution to the revival of style and suave in modern music that hasn’t been seen since the peak of A Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick, and RUN D.M.C to name a few. Goldlink along with artists such as Jidenna, Sampha, and Frank Ocean are leading this revolution with their unique usage of heart, charm, and personality that’s been sweeping the charts. This renaissance of personality in music is very much welcomed and looks to be quite the success in years to come especially due in part to Goldlink’s exhibit of character on At What Cost.

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