Expression Pt. 4 – Billie Eilish

Standing out and making a statement has always been essential when it comes to being a successful musician, however, expressing yourself through art is not an easy process. It is important to maintain a direct link to your roots and knowing what your real identity is. It is critical to act with the most humanistic intentions when attempting to create a new identity to introduce to the world. This ideology is exactly what Billie Eilish did two years ago at the age of 14. Billie Eilish is now 16 and currently expressing herself to her fullest extent with every song release that comes out. But what makes her so great? Billie Eilish allows her soul and mind to flourish and in the process creates otherworldly hit songs in the process

Billie Eilish released her debut EP titled Don’t Smile at Me in 2017 and since then her career has skyrocketed. Her unique and distinctive semi-revival of electropop can easily be linked to her success. Electropop has always been a venue for artists to express themselves, whether it be Madonna or LMFAO all have found success by taking this genre to a new level. The sound that Billie Eilish produces is perhaps the epitome of being individualistic in nature. She can be compared to Lana Del Rey’s unparalleled sound, yet there’s too much artistic freedom being articulated to actually draw a direct comparison between the two wonderful musicians. At the age of 16, Billie Eilish has accomplished what many dream of doing in a whole lifetime. This is purely due in part to her idea to capitalize on her talents and put herself out there for the world to judge. At the end of the day, Billie Eilish is a young woman who’s continuously breaking new ground and exploring all routes of her expressive capabilities, however, what makes her so special?

Being 16 isn’t the easiest stage of life as its commonly filled with drama and judgment, however, that’s exactly what Billie Eilish knows and exploits. The mind of a 16-year-old is intriguing, to say the least, and that’s what makes her music stand out from the other Electropop musicians of the past. By filling her music with honesty she is able to effectively capture what it’s like to be young in 3-4 minutes. Once you take her music and combine it with a rebellious personality you’ll find that Billie Eilish utterly can’t be fully compared to any other artist. Her personality is absolutely the most important factor of her music.

Billie Eilish is young and doesn’t have many responsibilities; once again this is something she seeks to actively take advantage of. Her careless and idiosyncratic character perfectly captures the idea of youth. This image that she’s perfected is possible because of trends and lack of experience when it comes to handling fame. Throwing money at all of the designer brands tends to be the trend these days for young successful acts, and Billie Eilish is no different. Her fashion statement alone is enough to draw you in without even needing to hear her music first. This rebellious nature that she exerts is precisely what allows her image to maintain credibility. Today’s youth typically spends irrational amounts of money on clothes and cosmetics even if they don’t have the funds to continuously keep doing so. Whether or not Billie Eilish has these funds is a question that can be answered when you look at her 51 million Spotify streams. Nonetheless, Billie Eilish is and will be an icon for this upcoming generation to look up to.

It doesn’t matter if she can retain her fame within the next few years; Billie Eilish has already imprinted her character onto the minds of many. I for one didn’t even know who she was until a week ago, now I can’t get enough of her. I hope to see her go far and stay in the spotlight for many more years to come because she’s one of the few young musicians who I believe deserves her fame. If you’re hesitant about listening to Billie Eilish after reading this, I must truly recommend the song “lovely”.”lovely” features Khalid to create a beautiful song that surely will make you think twice about this new generation and what they’re capable of.

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