Favorite Song Friday #4


“Pyramids” – Frank Ocean


Very rarely does a song come around that can make you feel nearly every emotion over the course of it’s run. “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean is from his debut album channel ORANGE which came out in 2012. This song can honestly only be explained to someone as an experience that must be explored. “Pyramids” feels like a movie after several listens as Frank Ocean gracefully details every aspect of his story about a pimp who falls in love with a client. However, this story is told through using metaphors and comparisons to Cleopatra and her time as a ruler. “Pyramids” is one of the few songs to come out this decade in the R&B genre that I can affirmatively say is worth listening to. With two albums and an astonishing track record, Frank Ocean is definitely on the way to officially becoming the 2010’s R&B icon in my opinion.

“Pyramids” works so well because of its ability to break away from the standard paradigm of R&B story-telling. This song will make you feel many emotions over the course of almost 10-minute runtime. Emotions such as love, hype, and sadness are just a few of the many that I can name that relates to the story of “Pyramids”. The active comparison of prostitution to Cleopatra is quite clever when further investigated, especially relating to the seemingly intriguing fact that Cleopatra has been a relevant topic amongst American media for quite some time now. “Pyramids” is undeniably the standout track on channel ORANGE due to its complexity and replayability factor, however, I must also recommend “Pink Matter” and “Bad Religion” if you’ve never heard the album before. Until Frank Ocean releases another great album you can rest assured that “Pyramids” is my favorite Frank Ocean song and perhaps one of my favorite songs of the decade.

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