Artificial Selection

Dance Gavin Dance has had an interesting career so far. After 13 years and many line-up changes, the band continues to strive and prosper into 2018 with Artificial SelectionArtificial Selection was supported by four singles, three of which are some of my favorite songs by the band. “Midnight Crusade” is without a doubt with my favorite of the four and has become a song I’ve come to love. “Midnight Crusade” is perhaps my favorite song on the album too due to its impressive vocals from Tilian Pearson. After only being a Dance Gavin Dance fan for about a year, I must say they have become one of my favorite bands in such a short amount of time. Artificial Selection only further maintains my opinion on the group.

Artificial Selection works well not only as an album but also as a collection of songs itself. Songs like “Midnight Crusade” and “Care” are just a couple that can stand on their own as singles as well as album tracks. The 14 song album is a very pleasant surprise and exemplification of the bands long and prosperous career. Every track on this album deserves its place especially a song like “Count Bassy” which I could consider one of my favorite songs of this year. Dance Gavin Dance not only deliver a stellar album but a worthy addition to a career filled with hits and misses. If Artificial Selection is any indication, Dance Gavin Dance can continue to be one of the few 2000’s bands to make it past 2020 and still stay relevant.

Artificial Selection has made me jubilant to call myself a fan of Dance Gavin Dance. I truly have very minimal issues with this album and only find two songs I would actually consider skippable, however, my criticisms are minor as my main one would just be questioning some choices the band made lyrically. With Dance Gavin Dance becoming one of my favorite bands of all time, I cannot wait to see the reception of this album and how it affects any future releases. I have faith that they will continue this style and sound into the next album especially keeping Tilian Pearson around. Until then, I will surely be playing this album until that day comes.


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