Why Opinions Are Needed

The year is 2018, the United States is still confused from one of the most interesting and strangest elections of all time. Violence and hate are once again on the rise; anger flows through almost everyone. Yet, a small light swims through the darkness. The light you are seeing is something or someone who goes against the grain, one who doesn’t pick sides nor do they have a bias towards anyone or anything. But just as it appears, it’s gone and consumed by the darkness. That small beacon of hope is now one with the evergrowing darkness that consumes the world. It’s now unjust and wrong to have a different idea of the world and what goes on in it.

I used to grow up thinking that it was exemplary to voice your opinion and to peacefully find solutions with other opinionators. In 2018, it is hard to find someone who isn’t politically sided or morally sided to a certain cause or belief. This leads to an issue of separation between friends, family, and community. Often enough, those friends, family, and communities form their own opinion on the world and the people in it, and sometimes this opinion varies from others. Speaking your mind and standing out is often considered incorrect as it goes against the ideal worldviews we as humans have curated. This issue is further pressed when individuals are berated for thinking differently. We need to support individuals right to form their own opinions as it’s the only way to hear a different side to a story.

A perfect example of hearing different sides of a story is from the D12 song titled “How Come”. “How Come” is about the group laying out their issues with each other especially with Eminem who at the time was at the peak of his career and overshadowed most if not all of the main members of the group. Each verse features either Eminem, Kon Artis, or Proof spelling out the issues they commonly see with each other and how much their friendship matters more than the money and fame. This adult way of handling opinions and issues allows for all members and parties involved to understand the viewpoints that others witness. In the end, D12 is always there for each other and that’s what “How Come” reinforces. This example of valuing opinions and working together find solutions is exactly what the world needs.

In the world, opinions are an absolute must if humans want to overcome and adapt to solve different issues that are thrown at them as a society. This is necessary in order to make the world a better place, however, the individuals and groups who attempt to silence these voices are ruining the whole point of self-expression. Living in a world where inaccurate news, scandals, and lying are to be expected leads to a plethora of problems for everyone to experience. I for one think that we need to express ourselves without judgment, no matter how different the expressed views are. Allowing to hear multiple sides to a story allows for a common solution if we as a collective work together instead of against each other. I truly hope in time we can respect other’s views and opinions to create a safer and more unified Earth for the future generations.

3 thoughts on “Why Opinions Are Needed

  1. steveforthedeaf is on the right track, however, being about right and wrong is a matter of perspective (extreme example: a radical terrorist believes he is right, we believe he is wrong).
    And then again steveforthedeaf nails it when he says it’s not a game.
    What is missing today, even from many homes never mind education, is the building of the blocks that prepare us for a better tomorrow – character, integrity, humility, respect, honor…
    Differences are meant to be celebrated not minimized and until we return to our own roots – not the roots of others, our own – then the more even try to be the same the more problems we are going to create for ourselves.
    Having our opinion is an inherent right of which many governments do not want their people to have – it is easier to make the people fear the government, it is the duty of the people to make the government fear the people.
    That, however, does not give license to being an intolerable idiot nor being self-righteous. Both are how we got here in the first place.
    If you ever think of it, go to the National Archives and look up the personal notes of the U.S. Founding Fathers – yes some lambasted people however MOST lambasted the ideas and spoke well of their enemies.
    Wits are like a knife – and no one ever sharpened a knife on a sponge. It took a hard surface, work, learning, relearning, and more work… Debating our opinions are the same… Anyone thinking they can intimidate a person into submission is demanding respect. They MAY get that respect but they will also lose the trust of everyone around them – it is the natural product of such a means.
    Those that learn to command respect will gain the trust that those who demand it won’t – or haven’t we learned that yet?

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  2. The differentiation HAS to be between FACT and FANCY.
    You may WANT a ‘fact’ to be correct, as it supports your perspective, but that doesn’t make it accurate. The truth has the worst test of all: TIME.
    The ‘fact’ that doesn’t hold up under scrutiny isn’t discovered until decisions have been made using it. It failed in due time.
    People resist and resent change. They want to be ‘liked’, and that is what makes FaceBook functional. Between these two simple facts, the Samuel Clements comment has foundation: “It is easier to mislead someone than it is to convince them that they have been mislead.”
    We are inundated in information. Much of it that has an agenda that serves only a few.
    Individually WE can discern the truth, but we have to be honest first with ourselves.
    Not easy. It doesn’t get too many ‘likes’.

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