Favorite Song Friday #7


“Me and Your Mama”


Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino is a man of many talents. In 2016, Childish Gambino showed us a new side of his talent with the release of Awaken! My Love. This album is 11 songs long and is a mixture of R&B and Soul music. While there are some standout songs like “Redbone” on the album, there exists one song that I believe stands above the rest in terms of quality, emotion, and dedication. “Me and Your Mama” features Gambino at odds with himself and the woman he’s with as he battles it out throughout the powerful and loud track. Being the first song on the album, “Me and Your Mama” digs deep into one’s feelings immediately and sets the perfect tone for the album.

After the short intro, the song explodes into screams of anger, love, and hate as Gambino battles his inner thoughts regarding the situation he is in. With Gambino pleading for his woman to take him back while the world wants to tear them apart there is a powerful message to be heard. Gambino only wants to present his love to her above everything else even if it’s the wrong choice. I personally love this song because of the rock influence and screaming that Gambino includes but also the failing relationship aspect as it’s all too relatable for myself and many others. I really enjoy what Donald Glover for the album and hope to see more similar work on his next release.

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