Favorite Song Friday #8


“Wait For Me”


Big Sean is perhaps not one of the first artists that come to mind when you mention the word “underrated” but in my book, he is the definition of the word. After a slew of mixtapes, Big Sean released his debut album Finally Famous in 2011 and with it came “Wait For Me”. The song is rather upbeat while it discusses the trials and tribulations of relationships when becoming rich and famous. In this song, Big Sean details how he lost his girlfriend due to his work and ponders if it’s too late for him to get her back during the chorus. I personally love this song and album because of Big Sean’s dedication to his craft and the infusing of his personal feelings into his lyrics. However, this song also features Lupe Fiasco and we get to hear some fun wordplay and rhymes from him.

Lupe’s verse also discusses how his musical career has kept him running late and missing many opportunities in life. Instead of feeling regret, Lupe simply says to give up and be late for everything rather than on time. I really enjoy the chemistry that these two exhibit on the track as it’s my favorite song on the album by far. Big Sean is severely underrated in hip-hop but with songs such as this, he can be given credit for his great lyrics and delivery that gave him the opportunity to be where he is now.

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