Another Neighbor (Poem)

I remember you were afflicted

Misusing your influence

Sometimes I did the same

Abusing my power for only self-interest

Self-Interest that turned into a deep obsession

I found myself blissfully unaware in my matchstick mansion

I didn’t know I was about to combust

The evils of Lucy was all around me

So I ran from the answers

To chase the spark I hadn’t felt in so long

But that didn’t stop the turn of consequence

Going back and forth looking at the bridges I’ve burned

Or maybe who the author of this fire was

And while that home we had built was burning around me

I ignored all of them

Embracing a cycle of self-sabotage and greed

It made me want to run back into that burning home that I had built

Unable to see the fire was my own creation

Just because the next house you build doesn’t feel like that home

Doesn’t mean it can’t become your home

Hoping for warmth from the ashes doesn’t mean that warmth is denied to us

If I may welcome you, make yourself at home by the fire

But shit I don’t know

I’m no betting man

Maybe I’m just another neighbor.

-Dan Glennon (ZiggyStarscream – Twitter and Instagram)

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