The Problem With Writing For Almost 20 Days Straight

June has been a big month for me in terms of productivity and writing. I’ve managed to write for almost 20 days straight (19 days due to a guest upload). I have a unique relationship with writing as a hobby, I often find it be more of a love-hate relationship more than anything. When I’m inspired, I write topics I’ve always wanted to discuss but never had an outlet to. When I’m not inspired, I write about relevant and trendy topics. This, however, has become very hard to manage. While I’m still on Summer Vacation, I’ve been putting so much effort into this site that I find myself often stressing out over it constantly. I have good ideas and ways to take on certain topics, yet I feel as if I’m losing my passion to write when I’m constantly writing one or more an articles a day. I think it is for the best that I write when I feel inspired to do so and not because I have to. I’ve noticed when I set a long period of time aside and sit down and write when I’m inspired my work tends to be exponentially greater than writing it one to two hours before posting it. With this change comes a few changes I need to address.

While I may not be publishing every day, I will still continue the Artist Spotlights, Favorite Song Friday’s, and the ongoing Saint Kendrick multi-part series. I will, unfortunately, be stopping the 3×3 Monday’s as they take an immense amount of time to produce, and it is my main stressor. This Summer will still feature some upcoming collaborations and projects that I will announce once I have further shareable details on. I also plan to write about more movies, including some of my favorite movies of all time.

I would like to thank everyone for reading this and not to think of it as me becoming lazy or unenthusiastic, as content will still be put out often with higher quality and will create more room for conversation and opinions. I will also now start taking suggestions on topics, as I want to be more involved with my followers and see what you really want me to cover. If you have a suggestion, please contact me and send me an email(contact button on the homepage). Until next time, here’s to a new goal and path for this site!

Incredibles 2 Review

2004 was an incredible year for music, with albums from Eminem, D12, Kanye West, Green Day, Usher, The Killers to name a few, however, 2004 was also great for the film genre too. Movies such as Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2, and Kill Bill: Volume 2 were dominating the year, yet one movie, in particular, stuck with me more than the rest. That particular movie is The Incredibles by Disney/Pixar. The Incredibles arrived at the perfect time for the superhero movie genre as Spider-Man was taking off and finding resounding success. Disney decided to take their own shot at the genre, and surely it was an outstanding decision.

When The Incredibles premiered in November of 2004 I was about seven years old, yet seeing these original and bright characters on the screen amazed me. Seeing this family dynamic that worked so well together to defeat the Omnidroid in the film’s finale was something that would always stick with me. Never would I have thought that 14 years later we’d be graced with a sequel to one of the best superhero movies of all time. My only concern would be that 14 years would be too long and that Incredibles 2 wouldn’t be able to hold up in a world where Avengers: Infinity War exists.

Incredibles 2 is surprisingly worth the wait and almost as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than the first. The movie is filled with quality comedy and action that allows each character to shine and develop as they are in a world that is under threat by the Screenslaver. With almost all of the original cast returning, Incredibles 2 makes a 14-year wait feel like yesterday as the story picks off right where it ended in 2004. Along with some new additions to the cast such as Bob Odenkirk’s character Winston Deavor and Catherine Keener as Evelyn Deavor, you get yourself a superhero movie worthy of its praise in 2018.

Perhaps the best part about this movie is the look and style that has been improved since the first movie. The colors are vivid and the effects of the superpowers from characters such as Violet and Frozone look absolutely stunning. I also enjoyed seeing more Jack-Jack as we see him evolve and figure out his powers as an infant. Another favorite of mine is Edna Mode who we see contacted once again to design suits for the family. The main cast shines the most as we see Elastigirl take on a new role which puts Mr. Incredible in the backseat for most of the movie. Seeing Elastigirl become the main hero allows for a lot of “Dad humor” as Mr. Incredible tries to fill a role he’s never been in before.

I am glad this movie finally came out and honestly can’t wait to see what a third installment would hold. Being able to see the family grow up and have their own superpowered families would be an interesting premise for a third outing. I must commend Disney/Pixar for making my and many others dreams come true after over a decade of waiting. I am thoroughly pleased with Incredibles 2 and I hope to see my favorite character Frozone have an even bigger part in the next one. Until then, go out and see this movie if you haven’t already!

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