My 100th Post (Announcement)

In April of 2017, I started this site to help express my love and appreciation for music and film. Two years later I have finally reached my 100th post on here and decided to branch out from WordPress and take on another new venture with YouTube. I decided to launch my own YouTube channel to accompany my website and I will do my best to balance the two platforms. My channel will have music and film reviews, discussions, and opinions similar to those that I do now on this platform. I believe that by using a video format, I am able to produce better content that can be easily accessible and enjoyed. While managing two platforms will be difficult, I am looking forward to connecting with new people, growing my fan-base, and creating more exceptional content overall. I hope you take a minute to check out my channel and subscribe for more content coming soon! Thank you as always for your continued support throughout the years and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer next!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


I’ve Been Gone for a While

I, unfortunately, haven’t had the right mentality nor motivation to write recently. After burning out I simply found it hard to put my thoughts into words thus making it practically impossible to produce content worth reading. With Collective Minds never really taking off and a slew of personal obstacles ranging from mental health to university enrollment I simply lost the passion to write. However, I recently started writing for which has been a supportive company in allowing me to introduce my content and thoughts to a brand new audience. I recently published my first article there today and I hope you can take a few minutes out of your day to give it a read. With school starting in less than a week, I will attempt to get back into the swing of things and have some more articles rolling out soon!

I do have an article in the works from my younger brother. He decided to write about one of his favorite rappers and I am allowing him to post on here to give him a platform for his ideas and voice. I hope to have the article out very soon and look forward to seeing what else he comes up with in the future.

Until then, here is the link to my new article on CSUITEMUSIC.


Major Announcement

After careful and meaningful consideration I have decided to join forces with other writers to form a side project called Collective Minds. Collective Minds is made up of friend’s I’ve made through writing and our plan is to explore different aspects and facets of the world through writing. We will be stepping in and out of our comfort zone on the site to further widen our portfolio and try new things. I am only of four members that we currently have in the group. Together with MusiCommentatorMolasses, and Underdog Off The Bench we plan to provide our audience with unique and thought-provoking content that we normally wouldn’t always write on our main sites. This group is a chance to be more creative and experimental in our writing while still having our roots intact on our main sites. I would appreciate if you could give Collective Minds a follow so we can grow and have a wonderful combined audience to write for. I appreciate you reading this and I hope Collective Minds has your support!