Expectations Pt.2

Things change, people change, and feelings change too. Opinions are the result of one’s inner thoughts and feelings towards an entity or idea, however, these thoughts and feelings are always subject to change. The only thing that separates facts from opinions is the idea that facts are proven statements. While proving something isn’t always a simple task, these facts can sometimes have important implications for the way the world works. While my opinions aren’t anywhere near as serious as some can be, it is imperative for me to admit that I made a poor judgment call. Over the Summer I decided to voice my opinion on the XXL Freshman Class list of 2018. When doing this I took into account talent, popularity, and my own thoughts on the artists. I think I found solid replacements in order to create my dream list, however, I can’t help but feel as if I didn’t give one member an opportune chance. J.I.D deserves to be on the XXL Freshman list and he has what it takes to be the future of hip-hop.

After listening to J.I.D’s debut album The Never Story from 2017 in its entirety I quickly realized my mistake. A fair opinion about J.I.D is that he is essentially a combination of other well-known artists. J.I.D while being under the wing of J. Cole has continued to develop and grow as an artist by presumably taking notes from other artists. With a voice similar to Anderson .Paak and a flow akin to Kendrick Lamar, J.I.D is able to bring a new sound that was built on work from the past. While the styles of Anderson .Paak and Kendrick Lamar are noticeable and welcomed, J.I.D also seems to draw from newer artists such as Smokepurpp. While he might be considered a “mumble rapper”, Smokepurpp does offer a unique delivery when it comes to his songs or features. J.I.D seemingly blends these three along with many other artists to create his own unique sound.

On albums such as The Never Story and DiCaprio 2, J.I.D demonstrates his ability to have a variety of sounds and flows to use. J.I.D interestingly enough doesn’t even continuously retain a consistent sound throughout an album. It is fairly common in modern hip-hop to see an artist mainly use their signature sound and flow. Lil Pump and Lil Yachty tend to follow this pattern whereas Eminem and Kendrick Lamar are constantly changing and adapting. Eminem and Kendrick Lamar showcase their talent by changing their tone, character, delivery, flow, and sound to match the lyrics, beat, and overall context of the song. Naming two legends of hip-hop in an article about J.I.D is an important aspect of what makes him stand out. J.I.D is showing and proving himself with his demonstration of knowledge. Understanding the ins and outs of any field or industry is always going to yield better results than someone who is unfamiliar with the subject. J.I.D came into hip-hop with a plan and has done an excellent job in executing it.

Knowledge is essential throughout life. One should regularly be seeking new things to learn and potentially finding a way to apply it in life. I lacked the proper knowledge earlier in the year which resulted in misjudging a hardworking, talented, and creative artist. When I gave J.I.D a real chance and listened to his two albums I realized my original expectations were askew. J.I.D has exhibited that he has what it takes to eventually be considered an important figure in hip-hop, however, he needs more exposure and material to further convince the population. Next time you are looking for a song or album to listen to, don’t pass up J.I.D because he will most definitely surpass your expectations.



Expectations surround everyone. The idea that one must live up to their own goals and the goals that others set for them can be quite daunting for anyone. While a musician can eventually live up to the expectations of friends and family, the real challenge is fulfilling the expectations of fans and critics. The taxing effort and thought that a musician must put into their work can be very draining and demanding in order to adequately meet these expectations. The unfortunate truth is that some if not many musicians fail to meet these expectations which result in poor sales and reception.

The first commercial album release is the most defining factor for musicians in this era, which requires demonstration of their talent to the fullest extent. The exhibition of talent determines the future of a musician while also revealing to fans and critics their true potential. More recently, not a lot of musicians have been capable of releasing an outstanding debut album. This practice leads to many musicians being forgotten and find their fanbase becoming attracted to newer and more relevant musicians. However, one artist has come out on top this year and has recently released one the best albums 2017 has to offer while also crafting one of the best debut albums to be released in quite some time.

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