Favorite Song Friday #2


“Another Part of Me” – Michael Jackson


“Another Part of Me” was released in 1987 by Michael Jackson on his seventh album Bad. “Another Part of Me” was introduced to me when I attended the Captain EO attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida. Captain EO was produced by George Lucas, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and starred Michael Jackson. Captain EO tells the story of Michael Jackson as Captain EO and his adventures to meet the “Supreme Leader” and give her the “gift”(music). This mission gets complicated when the crew crash lands and is subsequently captured which forces Michael Jackson to present the “Supreme Leader” the “gift”. The gift then turns her planet into a paradise and her people along with herself into beautiful Greek citizens. This song played during the show itself and then at the end when guests would leave the theatre.

The main reason I chose this song for this week’s FSF is the heart and soul that is heard throughout this track. Michael Jackson clearly believes that Captain EO and his gift can change the world in the film and therefore it translates perfectly into song form. Without having even seen Captain EO, one can enjoy this song simply due to it’s infectious and groovy beat and it’s storytelling aspects. “Another Part of Me” is a reminder that we can all change the world if we channel our inner peace and ultimate willingness to do good things in the world. This song informs the listener that changing the world is something anyone can do because we as humans simply have an inherent lust for doing the right thing even if that means showing a different and lesser seen side of yourself. “Another Part of Me” is a song I will always enjoy as it reminds me of the attraction at Disney that is unfortunately no longer operational, however, it also serves as a reminder to do good in the world and show people your “other side”.